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Airborne 1

by Builtmore Productions

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You got a taste of 5' 6", 155lb AMY in Builtmore Production's HEALTHY tape, showing off her luscious legs and glutes. Now sit down to a full course meal of Amy in action and repose, in lycra and black leather.

First, a candid, in-depth interview in casual (but revealing) street wear, as Amy speaks about the highs and lows of bodybuilding, about growing up tough, and her dreams of becoming a professional boxer.

Next, she warms up for a long day at Builtmore Studios. Wearing tight black shorts and a low cut blue sport top, she stretches her well-rounded muscles with twists, splits, toe-touches and push-ups. Her legs are so thick and powerful she can't close the little side zippers on her shorts.

Then on to a photo shoot. As the lucky photographer snaps away, Amy poses in a little lavender bikini, hitting her compulsories, flexing her calves in spike heels and shaking out and clenching those colossal quads.

Finally, at the gym, Amy gets her blood pumping beating up the body-bag, showing off her pugilistic chops and brutal combinations. Then it's time for a real work out; hoisting a man her own height and weight in a variety of lift and carries. She starts "small"; fireman's carry, airplane spin, hip-carry, full squat with him on her shoulders for reps, then works up to the big finish; five (at least) full, over-the-head presses. And she hardly even breaks a sweat. Breathtaking.

(63 min - 186 megs - 2 parts)

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