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"Buff BabySitter" HD

Kasie's Connection

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Just another Las Vegas convention for Mr. Buffoon, or is it?

Mister Buffoon is supposed to be in Vegas at a convention with his wife. He stayed back to await the hotel's babysitter while his bundle of Baby Buffoon lay sleeping. Sipping on a few cocktails, Kasie the Buff Babysitter arrives....

Mister Buffoon admires Kasie's massive muscles!!! He excuses himself and heads back to the convention below. He soon returns and attempts to persuade the under age babysitter to have a cocktails

Kasie resists his advances as her muscles begin to swell and become aggressive! She needs to put this drunk Bastard Buffoon in his place! Kasie begins to apply herself as her self defense and wrestling skills come to life.

The Buffoon finds Kasie's forceful muscles to be very sobering!

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