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"Bad Muscle Nun" HD

Kasie's Connection

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Now listen, my brothers and sisters, you must be prepared to resist the wicked evil temptations resultant from this new video story featuring a muscled female burglar named Kasie who invades the hallowed premises of a religious rectory.

When this lovely sweet innocent ... maybe not ... young girl, Roxie tearfully appears at the rectory's door, this overpowering burglar again breaks the law and steals a nearby nun habit.

Kasie takes this sweet child's hand and places it upon her own powerful thighs as this naive girl's confession includes deeds of lust with a former boyfriend. Next this nun-imposter nibbles on this lovely, stunning, sweet teenager's fingers. Soon the girl expresses her fascination with huge female curvaceous muscles, thus this non-nun discards her bulky religious habit and boldly exposes her muscles. Soon their tongues engage like heated writhing serpents of sin.

The plot thickens as the girl's former boyfriend, Alex, appears to make a token confession. The nun becomes irritated with this boy's obnoxious behavior, thus she again discards her holy habit and becomes physically aggressive to this lad who needs Kasie's spiritual guidance.

Kasie crushes this spoiled boy to the floor and aggressively straddle mounts his prone body. Kindly understand my brothers and sisters that I cannot say what then happens.

The story becomes even more heated when the sweet misguided Roxie re-enters the room to find her former boyfriend Alex being scissor squeezed by Kasie. Roxie then joins Kasie in inflicting further penance upon Alex.

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