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Lauren Powers

Builtmore Productions

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In this great muscle worship tape, big, blonde, bountiful bodybuilder LAUREN POWERS gets the girl, twice! In the first section, Lauren is worshiped by sexy muscle fan PAM ANGEL, who's practically drooling over Lauren the whole time. Lauren lifts Pam and throws her around, wrestles and dominates her in her leopard-skin bed, crushes her between her legs. And Pam loves it. She points out Lauren's huge biceps and deep-cut six-pack abs.
After changing into bikinis they go out to the backyard, where Pam oils Lauren's muscles while Lauren just lies back and soaks up the sun. Later, Pam gives Lauren a lap dance and curls up in her arms. Finally, Lauren lets Pam ride on the back of her Harley Davidson and they head for the beach.
In the second section Lauren teams up with GAYLE MOHER for a photo-shoot. Lauren gets so excited she can hardly stay in her much-too-small bikini. The two blonde amazons pose for the camera, then hug, squeeze and caress each other's muscles. Both of them seem to be enjoying this immensely. Later they oil each other up and worship each other's legs.
Finally, for the big finish, Lauren takes Gayle out on the street for a long, slow kiss that nearly causes a traffic accident. You don't want to miss this!

(58 Minutes - 200 megs - 2 Parts)

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