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Big Pussy Boy

Joan Wise

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From: (BB) Dominating Breasts

Featuring: Shelly

Foolish Richard makes a huge mistake as he physically challenges magnificent Shelly to a fight to determine possession of their house.

Shelly is big, gorgeous, and has the hugest, most turn-on tits you've ever seen. She also can and does love to kick a little man's ass, as poor Ricardo finds out.

It's all here in this all out display of female dominance hard kicking, standing, trampling, wrestling, head scissors, awesome face sitting and much more.

Shelly is having a ball as she applies excruciating arm bars, teases and tortures his private parts, and get herself so turned on she loves playing with her outrageous boobs.

Suffocating boob smothers, spanking his dick, an excruciating arm-bar, and yanking her victim's head into her gorgeous open pussy, Shelly is having the time of her life.

Next she pushes his head right between the cracks of her ass, and reverse face sits as you've never seen. Declaring, "I love to have a place to sit, and it might as well be on your head", the victorious big-titter presses her feet into his "little Peter", makes him kiss the mat, and tells him, "You are a fun little playtoy".

More torturous kicking, standing full weight, and trampling, she rips off the victim's underwear and places his dick between her humongous tits and pummels the hell out of him. Now it's, "Let me rub on you", and does she ever with her tits, ass and pussy. Proclaiming, "You wanted a piece of me, and now you've got it," she completes the job as she tortures his nipples, smacks the hell out of him, pushes her forearm into his neck, and then chokes him. Then it's more amazing trampling and smother face sitting and as Shelly proclaims, "Bye, bye sucker", you know you have truly witnessed a classic.

(43 minutes - 241 megs)

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