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Kris Luebke at 5'7" and 175 lb. of hard female muscle plays a psychoterapist with a new little patient who is terminally obsessed with large muscular women. His condition has gotten to a point where he can't tell reality from his fevered fantasies! Kris helps him out - or does she?

Even the viewer will wonder if he is fantasising again or not; as we see him on his knees lotioning her magnificently muscled body. He takes his time in a worshipful way as he rubs his hands over her massively muscled limbs.

She completely dominates him in wrestling with rib busting bear hugs and head scissors that look crushingly painful.

Is Kris his dream or nightmare come true?

The Audition

A rather shifty little guy is holding auditions for his Big Amazon Epic.

Tall and gorgeous Debby at 5'8" and a husky 150 lb. comes along to try for the part. Her annoyance at the sleazy guy's attempt to get close and personal develop into completely trashing the jerk.

Debby's long and strong legs put on the squeeze and she doesn't miss out on the chance of throwing and carrying his weak body all over the apartment.

In the end she proves that she is more than enough women for the part that existed in the mind of the producer only and leaves him worn and wasted to contemplate his folly.

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