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by Builtmore

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First, Thea Bennington, a voluptuous, 5' 10" Mae West with muscles, wearing diaphanous red lingerie, caresses her bulging arms, powerful legs and everything in between as she talks about discovering the joys of fantasy wrestling, a place where she can make a good living while exploring the limits of her strength and desire. Her eyes are hypnotizing.

Next, Thea and the diminutive Deep Roy exchange witty, double-entendre-filled repartee as Thea flaunts and taunts him with her bodacious body. Her arms are literally bigger around than his legs! She tosses Roy around like a baby, cradling him in her arms, throwing him over her shoulder, holding him upside down. Some guys have all the luck.

Finally, in a sexy, silly sketch, Lissy Lermer plays Arnolda, the aggressive amazon wife of Dan, an obnoxious maker of muscle fetish videos. Dan brings home Joe, a rich guy he hopes will buy the video business. Dan starts ordering Arnolda around, shouting for her to get food and drinks and pamper their guest. Big mistake. Arnolda has had a hard day and she doesn't like Dan's tone. She rebels. In a big way.

First she wrestles Joe into submission and tosses him out of the apartment on his ear, then, when Dan protests, she strips down to her bare essentials and gives him more of the same. In a brawl that travels from living room to bedroom, Arnolda puts Dan in every hold and pin imaginable and end up victorious, leaving Dan little more than a damp spot on the floor when she's done.

(59 minutes - 201 megs - 2 parts)

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